She Has Seen The Sky



sculptural installation:

She Has Seen The Sky

tank tread flattened body of angelic female nude medic

rubber/silicon / cast paper / raw pigments / beeswax /lac / fibers / earths

option: suspend sculpture to float in smoked acrylic bubble; mounted in air,

*or to float partially submerged in small cold marble pool.

132% scale, possibly emerging from ground at femurs.

Fibers of  military fabrics, well worn; could be any enemy or friend….Red Cross armband of home-made strike…vibrant autumnal blond hair…

no entrails and only muted gristle and necessary nudity, but heavily bruised CAT marks from the tread march in diagonal relief up the torso;

resolving into a 30 year old mothers’ calm face in repose. In the end, She Has Seen The Sky.

face whole. No middling distortions. How would one portray a track flattened face as angelic?

The Hair; a radiance of strength and beauty, and styled with a loving hand in the style of classical representations of Diana The Huntress.

Perhaps the suggestion of Dina’s Bow in twisted medical gear, needle and thread.

This one was hunting peace with her arrows.

Fracture lines spiderweb and corrupt clear vision from the the greater horrors…like a candled window pane in  rain.

Central to motif is the mothers’ locket, of a fresh and energized Womanface framed by the sure style of hair.

She is a risen angel; the new breed that walks upright.

Demanding the world for her children from beneath the tread of a tank.

In execution; the installation must not evoke visual horror of a force to detract from the motif.

The human spirit demanding hope, the Mothers Will, must resolve from the brutality or the installation fails.





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